Salt of the Earth


Thursday 9:49pm

Hello Barbara , very good morning to you. I a Isac from India

Hi; it's about 10: PM here. But I'm awake.

vow, really, its 8:20 am here

Nice to be friend with you Barbara.

i am sending message and connecting people behalf of our Kenosis Foundation. Sorry to post lots in the first message. I sent it, in order to help you to understand the purpose.

Thank you. I'm glad you are doing worthy work! Long posts are fine.

Thank you very much Barabara,

I don't know that your post made it to my timeline, however.

Have you been to India? Any of your friends coming to India? We like to host exchange programs , its also certificate provided

I did not sent to your timeline. If you can post, i can send you the program details, you can publish.

Shall I sent you?

No; I have no money or car. I'm trying to start a vegan icecream business. All I have, thus far, is a cart with a nice commercial freezer. I need to order ingredients for my test batch. I have the recipes ready. I worked on them a long time. I may have to do crowdfunding this week. Of course you may send.

its very good business , i am also teaching skills for women to start small business here in India

because we work with women, who are vulnerable in many ways

That's wonderful.

i like to know, how do you do crowdfunding? can you please teach me and help

I have not done it yet; but I have read other crowd~funding sites. I will try to help. Sounds great.


do you have any of your friends, who like to volunteer for exchange programs in India

I can start by sending a few links. Give me a few minutes to get them. I will have to ask them. I don't have many friends anymore. I have been reclusive, working for my daughter by cleaning & raising her children for 14 years.

okay, i wait, your children look very young, i like to see them one day

My 3 children are over age 28.children

My grandchildren are children.


Today, there are scores of crowdfunding sites. Indiegogo, Bolstr, Fundable--the list goes on. With the SEC poised to allow projects to offer equity, crowdfunding has the potential to revolutionize how entrepreneurs raise money. (For now, you have to offer some kind of reward in exchange for donations.) But all sites are not created equal. Some specialize in nonprofits, or in certain types of products; others offer consulting services in addition to sourcing funding. [What business or project are you wishing to fund?]

okay, i got it now.

very good information you gave me

is there anyone, who can help in website making for us?

What is it for? You should sign up with Yola. It's free to start. Then if you want to change it from a sub~domain to a primary domain [such as your own .com] you can start paying for it. Otherwise, a free site includes the word yolasite in the web address. I know how to make a simple site on there. I made lots of them. They do not run ads on your free site, either. I'll show you my primary domain I made on Yola. Just a minute.

Forest Foods

Healing Forest Diet for the prevention of cancer and for healing. [easily modified for diabetics] The diet is excellent for conditions caused by viruses and bacteria. Save the rain~forests, the ocean, the people... Planet Earth.

Really, its very good and without any cost

I need one for our foundation

let me visit the link

please give me the site

i mean the link

OK; give me a few minutes to find the link. Here's a sub~domain I made at Yola.

Real Pro Culture

...Chemotherapy is still not approved by the FDA and continues to be in field trials. There is only one way to successfully treat Cancer and degenerative diseases and that is through the use of a whole body approach. You cannot drug a body into health. You must nourish the body, mind and soul. Cance…

thank you

it looks very good

Thank you. I need to fix a few broen links from Amazon Associates on The Rainforest Diet. The computer I was on was getting too old. I just switched to this one. It's better & faster.

I mean broken links.

yes, you need good computer to work on online

okay, let me know the main link

Would you like to sign up under my affiliate link? I actually do have an affiliate account with Yola. You don't have to, of course.

i will try too

if its main link, more better

There is no difference for you. It will take you to the main link.

okay, if so, i will do as you said

Don't worry. I would never try to cheat anyone or take advantage of them.

I have ethics.

not for it

people like being different domain and publishing, so i asked for it

It will not be under my site or account. It only means I will get a commission for any site you decide to buy or account you decide to open. [That's 25 sites] Your price will be the samy, either way. And it will be under them, not me. You also have the option of having them make the site for you. I don't know what they charge for that. I don't know how much time they would put in.

lots of process

its good,if its helping you, let me open from your site

i have no problem

hello you there

can you guide me

how to log in

I think I have been dropped from Commission Junction. That is the affiliate account manager Yola still uses. So, I'll just give you the regular link. Here is one. [This is not an affiliate link.] It is a regular Yola signup site I found through Google Search.

Make a Free Website | Make Your Own Website at

Build your own web page with our easy use to website builder and avoid common web design mistakes.

wonderful, you are really helping me with dedication

thanks for your great support

I think there is a way for me to help you. 'Yola expert' is a designation which I have [even if I'm no expert, I've still had some practice.. There may be a way to link our sites so that I can help with design. I know another way, though. If you submit to me, by Face~Book or by email [I have a Hotmail & a Gmail. I even have a Yolamail, but I haven't started using it. I guess I could figure out how.] Anyway, text & images could be submitted to me in any way you prefer. I could then design each page on my Yola account. All I would have to do is then copy the whole page in my mouse & send it to you to replicate. [to make the same way. I guess English is not your native language? If not, it is very good.

I could also coach you by telephone, if you wish.

Do you have anyone helping you in your office?

lots and lots, i read your message word by word. so grateful,

I have content and pictures, I need someone look at the content and proof read, can you please do it before posting ?

I am the only one knows English,

I am a good proofreader.

great great

so shall i send you the content?

it too many pages about 26 pages

Yes, do you want to send it through email?

its not only about projects, i am also doing international volunteering programs, this has many information to give for the participants. so it has added many pages, but on website, it will be in pdf file

yes, i can send it through email

even i can send here too

which you prefer

It doesn't matter to me.

let me look at the content and forward you here

Ok. So, do you want some of it to show on the site & put a link or links for the pdf files on there, too?

Yes, you are correct

this is how i want


Attached file for you.

Website Draft ONE.docx

Is your organization registered? I'm downloading a free editor for pdf files.

Yola Silver | Create a mobile-ready website with no Yola branding

Yola Silver has everything you need to create a professional website including stock photos, no Yola branding and a mobile-ready website, all for $12.95/month.

Yes, i did it already

i was looking at the template, and saw very options given by yola.

I saw this is looking good

Is there a free editor link/ sits?

this i did not know

let me get this link and learn

Is your organization registered, in your country? [I'm not talking about Yola.] I'm figuring out which crowdfunding site will work for you. Here's the free editor link. It downloads Bing translator at the same time.

Free Editor

Free software to open many different file types with one program.

Thank you, i will see it

Hope you downloaded content I senr you

I'm still trying Hold on. I'm multi~tasking. This might be a crowdfunding site.

Our Grantees | Global Fund for Children

The Global Fund for Children partners with grassroots organizations that provide kids with what they need to thrive, even in the most challenging circumstances. Our grantees have the entrepreneurial vision and passion to transform their communities. We help them get there. Global Fund for Children g…

okay, looks great

This might be, also. These 2 are global.

Direct Relief: Support Us

Create your own personal fundraising page to share with your friends and family; it's easy to do, and you'll support Direct Relief's work in the process.


Direct Relief is on Face~Book, also. You can also check these out, or I can check them out for you when I am a little more familiar with your organization. It could make a difference which one you choose; whether or not your organization is registered in your company.

i am looking GF, looks interesting and more helpful for me

its a registered organization

I have all the necessary documents,


Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

I need to get Income Tax paper and 12 AA ,if i need to raise funds from India, I am applying for it next week

I need to get FCRA , but it will take another 2 more years as terms and conditions mentioned by foreign regulations

To apply, i need submit expenses for local auditing and get 2 years of balance sheet, i got for this year, another 2 more year

Don't use the Yola Silver account link. It is old & I just read their policies. I can't use it on Face~Book, anyway. If you haven't signed up for a free site yet, wait just a little while so I can reactivate my account, which I am doing right now. It loos like it is working. If so, I will put a new link on my website & send you the page. They should have an option for a free account at Commission Junction, for Yola. If not, I will let you know. If the reactivation of my publisher's account on CJ doesn't go through, I'll let you know immediately. [

ohh really

but i signed in , but i did not opt any thing that you said like silver

I'll put an updated link on my website within a few minutes. I was delayed by a call from one of my children. I just found a good link to use. You could simply start over. Did you sign up at all? I just want to follow the rules & did not remember that I can't put it on a third party website like Facebook. The 'Silver' account link was actually posted on my Yola site. So it might be alright; i'm just not sure. But I will put on the newer on.

newer one.

I singed in yola site, but i did not do anything else

It's not a Yola Silver ad; just a general Yola link, anyway. Do you mean that you signed up for an account?


i singed up for an account only

Sorry for the confusion. It might be fine since it was actually from my website. Is it a free account?

yes, its free one

OK; if you decide to get a silver account or another type of paid account with them, you could use one of the banners I will post on my site. If there are 20% off type discounts, those are the ones i will post on my site. I did see one of those. There's no problem, not to worry.

Go ahead & use the free one. It's the easiest site~builder I ever tried; even fun!


i will

let me read their information and then put content

once you complete proof reading, i will have confident to publish it. As you said, English is not our language, you can do a wonderful job to finalize our content. Its a good support from you

All you have to do is save the content with the save button. You don't have to publish it until you are ready to do that. I will check & see if I can now open the editor. When I downloaded your file, it said it couldn't open it until I chose a program to open it. The free editor is the one i chose from the list of options it gave me. Go ahead & play with the site.

The Yolasite.

okay okay, so its very good then,



I can show you some of the sites I made there just for fun & practice, if you lie.

if you like, I meant. Sometimes my 'k' button doesn't work if I don't push it hard enough. I guess I should edit my messages before I send them across.

ohh, so you want me to be careful and ensure i saved it before closing site?

you got lots of experience,

You should push the save button fairly often. You could do it after every post. You don't have to, but if your computer "freezes up', meaning stalls somehow, you would have to redo whatever you had put there after the last 'save'. It isn't the same as 'publish'.

okay okay

You can copy & paste blocs of text. You can upload images from your desktop. You can even cupy a whole page with text & images both, but it would be hard to edit or change anything if you do it that way. You can also keep one page saved unpublished & publish another page on the same site.

okay, so when am done, i will follow

Follow my instructions, you mean? I will answer any questions you have; & I'm not in a hurry. I do care about your success.

okay i will surely need to follow, its new things for me

When you have time, please do proofreading and share the final content to me. It can help me to add the content. I wait for you

I will. I will probably have to go to sleep soon. It is 2:30am here.

oh my god, its too late for you, please rest

its 1 pm here in India

Thanks. I will try to take a quick look first.


i wait

Friday 4:02am

I tried to open the file; but I cannot. I tried calling a friend [not a FB friend] for tech support; who said that Face~Book probably couldn't transmit the link properly, & that he had never heard that it could. You can try my email:

ohh sorry

i willl send via email

It could be put on there directly and also as an attachment, if you know how.

i mailed you

please check your mail box


Yes, I have it now.


Friday 6:17am

The comprehensive nature of your organization excels any I have encountered. I understand the divinely inspired vision and am humbled by the implementation of such high calling. I have read the entire information sheet submitted, except the links.[assuming there might be content attached to such] I am honored to be instrumental in the dissimination of information, in the English language, pertaining to Kenosis Foundation. I will endeavor to render the most acceptable and professional wording and presentation known in my culture. I do not know how closely it may be the same in other English~speaking countries such as Great Britain or Australia. Surely the completed transcript can be reviewed by any knowledgeable persons familiar with the respective cultures, so that it will be most appropriate anywhere. I thank you and everyone who has assisted in this monumental movement to improve the life of the underpriveleged. It was difficult to read through my tears and reading glasses on the small screen of this laptop computer; yet, it was well worth doing. I have renewed hope within my soul!

Oh my god, Thanks for your high reputation of our vision and mission. yes the links have pdf file. I will send you when you have time. its few pages only. what you do is the best for this content. though, it varies to country to country, if the message reaches to the people is fine. I want long sentence to be broken into short and reduce contents or message. instead of providing too much content. i see you so much dedicated in it. yes, its for women and children of under privileged in remote villages. Not all women and children can get benefits. Its only specific groups.

when people read and see the picture the work of foundation, people must be able to feel do donate something onilne. I am lacking this suppport. the purpose of website is to raise funds online

I also know what it is like to have been victimized in some ways; and acknowledge the additional difficulty posed by post traumatic stress and fear.

you are right, only women know their needs to meet their problems and children's need, mostly the girl children.

Many females, even in developed countries, are well aware; indeed.

u r very true

Saturday 4:51am

Hello good evening to you

I'm falling asleep & delirious, being poetic; writing & losing my diligent work.

ohh really

I would like to check with you the status of Content?

I filled out a form of 2000 words & lost it because I was no longer signed in.

I have to leave this place; but will take the computer with me. I did a lot of chores & packed up.

Thanks a lots

ohh, you were trying to upload your content on web and lost it?

so sad to hear this from you

here heavy rain started

It has been raining here, too.


here now looks so pleasant

Everything is lush & beautiful.

here too

by the way, I am looking for volunteers, now we are scheduling program from June to December 2015 and January to May 2016. Is there anyone

I have no friends, except a few online. The people I actually know in my vicinity either cannot leave their homes due to maintaining or paying for them or they are nearly as poor as me.

Everything is expensive here. The rich do get richer & the poor remain poor.

I'm trying to start my ice cream business so I may afford a place for my grand~daughters. The state has removed them from my daughter.

I have to sleep.

Sunday 4:17am

I understand and accept what you said it very true, the poor remain poor and rich become richer.

I like to check with you and know the status of content ? Have you started proof-reading ? I like to hear , once its done , i like to give to the web-designer to upload the content. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sunday 5:19am

I am also working on proving my Native American ancestry so that my children & I may be eligible to join a sovereign federally recognized Cherokee Tribe or other Native American tribe. If we can do that; according to what my daughter says that was told to her by Texas State workers, we can get my 3 grand~daughters back. I had told my daughter I would try to do that. She doesn't have running water on her homestead. I don't have a home, currently, which I can bring them all to. [must be in the greater Austin area, so that thei 3 fathers may conveniently visit them.]

okay, good to ensure you and your family for more services available from your government.

I must also do house and yard work where I am staying because I have no money to pay.

Cooking, cleaning, and gardening work



when you can look at our website content and finalize please?

I will try to get the first section done tomorrow. [the part before the instructions for volunteers]

so great

inspite of you hard time to manage your needs , you are helping me a lost


Over the years, I helped a lot of parents [mostly single mothers] clean up their houses so they would not have their children taken by the state authorities. I did that for the children. Nobody paid me for the work. Sometimes it would require as long as 2 1/2 weeks.

I painted, also, if needed.

how are you able to do all these without payment?

Barbara, how old you now?

I stayed at their homes while I did the work. I taught them how to purchase and store food, also. On Monday, the 11th of May, I will be 57.


Yhank you. The 11th is on the holiday,'Mothers Day on every leap year; so, I was born on Mothers Day, in 1958.

I don't proofread these messages. Don't worry; I won't make spelling and grammatical errors on your text. ha ha

Were you a Catholic priest?

I looked at your old meetup group page. It looked like fun.

Being born on mothers day is a great

My sister wa born on Christmas Day.

seems everyone of you born on precious days

My eldest daughter, who was my mother's first grandchild, was born on my mother's birthday.


My grandson was born on my brother's birthday, which is 3 days after Christmas.

Barbara, information to you

My brother is a professor.

once you complete proof reading by you, i have one more person from Romania, who likes to do as well. Its good , many people look at it and reduce the information, break sentence and be specific. Once you did it, please send me,i can send to the other person. What you feel about my suggestion?

He has text that he needs editing for?

I did not understand your question pleas?

Do you think that he might want me to proofread his publication?

No not

She is ready to help as you do for my content and she is also ready translate into other languages.

Oh; wonderful!

You know why i approach many people to do proofreading?

As you said, English is not our Native language. The information on website goes to across world and by which i need to get more response , importantly volunteers. So, i wish ,any go through it and finalize it

It makes sense. It is practical . Maybe you like to compare. Is she English~speaking?

She is a writer, so i like to give it to her and she knows many other friends, who can translate once the English version is finalized for website

I will mostly like to do the first main section.

yes, you can

what I am doing is correct and more effective? how do you feel the way I do?

It is fine. If you need to make it happen faster, maybe it will be a good idea to have her start with the rules for the travel program.

okay, good

you want me to ask her to start preparing by herself?

I do not expect you to use my work, exclusively. This is a very important project. If she can work on the second main section and I can work on the first one; maybe she can look at my work and I can look at hers. She and I can then make suggestions to you for the partswe were not working on. It can, and probably should, be a cooperative project.

Your idea sounds good

once you complete, she can look at your work, and then wise versa

this can be a good and makes sense.

Yes. The second section will be harder. If she has friends to help, then please designate that section to her. I do much reading, and I feel more confident to do the first half. This way to divide the work will make it less overwhelming for each of us.


on which part (page), shall i ask her to start?

I will loo at the data, then tell you. I will do it right now.


It is about halfway... Button: Travel Abroad & Intercultural Exchange Programs Menu: The Application Process

okay, i will ask her to do from this onwards

Great! I feel better this way.

its infact a good way to work and speed up without stress

I am impressed with your idea

once both of you completed your part, will exchange

Alright, thanks; I try to be logical.

good, i like this way of working

OK. I like your manuscript.

Thank you

Sunday 11:21am

hello, I shared the second part you mentioned and requested her to give deadline ,when she can complete it. once she completes, you and she can exchange through me. Hope this is fine with you.

Sunday 8:54pm


23 hours ago

What is an 'ultra-community?

18 hours ago

It means a village, near to the city, its almost urban set up. where people live in huts, and struggle for basic needs without proper food, water, staying facilities etc.

I couldn't find a definition in English.

There is not definition

you will find definition for urban , slum and city

but not for Ultra community

Ultra means adjusent to the city

we also call Ultra Urban community

Urban is slum,

Ok; I can leave the word as it is. I don't know if English~speaking people will understand it.

we can change, let the people understand

how do you want to mention in stead of Ultra community

you can replace with slum

word " slum" will be the right word in the place of Ultra community or ultra urban community.

This word Slum, every body knows

A definition could be added. The prefix, 'ultra' is nice, but it suggests a major version of a community, rather than a minor one. 'Slum' is suggestive of a nasty place with garbage or sewage, kind of like the outskirts of Mexico City.

Kenosis dedicates time and energy to the ones in need. We want to help them to improve their living conditions. We are working in groups, and individually, for building a better life! The inspiration came from Issac, founder of Kenosis Foundation; after extensive theological and philosophical studies; as a priest who has done tireless missionary work with the poorest women and children of remote communities in Tamilnadu and Karnataka State, India. This was the beginning of the establishment of an organizational entity, in order to continue his mission. Now our programs in several remote and ultra-communities throughout two states (Bangalore region, Karnataka; and Krishnagiri district, Tamilnadu state) in India are based on an innovative holistic approach which empowers women and children living in rural villages to become responsible for their own development. To achieve this vision, we provide the necessary assistance to make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty. Significant progress is made through community development projects in health, education, and socioeconomic empowerment. Our vision is for “building better life” by breaking the pervasive generational cycle of poverty. Through comprehensive education, the Kenosis Foundation enables women and children to 'stand on their own feet'; and, thereby, to achieve independence. In addition, our mission is to educate, empower, and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the lives of such underprivileged families.

I keep getting phone calls because it's my birthday; yet, I'm still working on editing. Does this section look good?

So you are enjoying birthday calls, great.

Did you edit this section?


You can mention Slum, and Ultra is as you said its a kind of outskirts of slum where everything is challenging for people.

I see some essence and lots of difference in this section.

I am impressed

breaking long sentence in few simple words is good. If there is a repetition of same information, you can just delete them.

I am impressed with your theological credentials.

I in fact want to reduce too much information giving to the people.

Thanks, yes, i was a priest , so its my duty to study to become a priest

There are a few redundant passages, yes.

you can just remove ,

when i look at content, i do not realize , You as an outsider can very well feel it when you go through content. if you find any repetition / redundant passages, please remove it

I will, when necessary; when it is awkward. I study the early church... a lot.


you enjoy reading early church history.

When I was young, I went to churches, vacation Bible schools, church camps, Girl Ambassadors, & so forth. As a young adult I worked on Hunger Project briefings, attended Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts seminars, watched Pastor James Robison on television & attended his lectures, took EST Training & seminars series, Course in Miracles... Later I took some of James Twyman's training, such as his Peacemaker's Course. I studied directly under Swami Vishnu Devananda, , a little under Swami Satchidananda, & took hatha yoga & education courses under Swami Kriyananda. I worked at his health food store & restaurant in Nevada City, California. I have studied Yogananda, Sri Yukteswara, Lahiri Mahasaya, & Babaji Krishna.

Looks you were a active participants in many spiritual and social development

vow, i am looking for people as you are.

I study all people in my family tree.. many famous throughout history. I am a direct descendant of King David [BC] through the priestly line of Nathan, his son.

This is more reputation

to hear from you

what is your program today?

You know, I can not add friend, groups nor send any messages on any pages. I am blocked temporarily until 25th May. They blocked because some people reported to facebook admin or complained my post as spam. I am now helpless.

Today, i have to go to printing press order saving books , attendance books, donation receipt and cash receipt books-lets for kenosis. This is my program today.

I have over a dozen lines to Joseph of Arimathea, who is a decendant of Nathan, David, etc. [desposyni]. I have the same number of lines to Druid High King Beli Mar through several of his sons. He descends from Judah & Trojans. I found 2 or 3 lines to Jesus & MM.

I reported 5 messages to FB that were hate & threats to groups & well~known persons. Facebook reported back to me that they didn't break any rules. Free speech, I guess. I helped a well~known FB friend by gathering all the information accross the net of her stalker, who was threatening her. She gave the info to the law & the threats stopped.

I'm sorry you have been blocked. Is it the organization or your personal site, or both. If you need to go to the printers, go ahead. IIt won't bother me.

this was organization profile, they asked me to change to personal name , this change happened a month ago

I had another personal account, but I do not use it. I do not have time to look all those, I want concentrate on organization and find sources to run projects

Of course. I'll be selecting a site for crowdfunding soon. IndieGogo is pretty good.


once you and the other person done the proofreading, i am ready to registered in all sites for online donation.

I understand.

Its time to go now, have a nice day. I will see you evening

Very well. We should discuss the holy family & holy grail some day.

Sure we will discuss

9 hours ago

Waste of going to printing press. I also forget that today all the shops are closed. Usually on every Tuesday, many of the places , particularly towns and cities, all shops closed. This i totally forget, though i knew early. Today my day wasted

16 minutes ago

Kenosis provides a wide range of harm reduction, outreach, and support services to all; such as drop-in and after~school childcare programs. Along with education, employment training and micro~credit is made available. This, in turn, may eradicate: poverty, child abuses, child marriages, child labor, gender discrimination, sex trafficking, and helps to mitigate HIV and AIDS.

There is an organization in the USA called Big Brothers / Big Sisters, which is similar to the program you have. Is it affiliated with that one? If it is not, then you should probably consult the leader or an authorized representative of Big Brothers / Big Sisters about use of the name. In this country, and some others, there are proprietary laws concerning copyrights and patents. They might consider it acceptable; especially if your program is affiliated with theirs. If not, they could cause problems for you.


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